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Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Alex Rider, who is a fourteen year old boy, has the body of an athlete. Alex is an orphan, brought up by his uncle Ian Rider and Jack an american au pair Alex lives in Chelsea, London, (between kings road and The River Thames.) His world is suddenly torn apart after the sudden death of his uncle, Alex makes a series of shocking discoveries about his uncle’s life. Without giving too much away, He is recruited to go on a mission that is both dangerous and life changing. This book is a real page turner in fact, i got in trouble for staying up very late finishing it! Its both intriguing and glues you to the pages. Ive already started the second book, Point Blanc. Highly recommended!

The Thief of Myst Exile

The thief, having travled from goodness knows where, stood before us. His weedey black hair wasdraped across his face as if it was so carefully placed there.His dribbleing nose was turned up as if it was glued to the bridge of his nose. The toe  and finger nails were poifnting upward, yellowish and eaten . His eyes were crossed. they darted between me and my friend, Atrus , as a rabbit would dart side to side before being shot dead by a Hunter. He looked liked john- val-john from the west end musical-les misrables. despite his ragged body , nimble as a cat , he grabed the book (releeshahn), held his twisted hand aloft and travlled away from u with the Releeshahn.

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