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spread out their tenticles

to reach land,

clinging on to each other

to get to the surface.


The inside

of an eyes tubes

extending and minimizing

to the right

right light

graces poem



Twists and turns,


Around every tunnel of darkness


Of the gloomy starless night.


It was as dark as the darkest scariest cave.


A volcano has just erupted – BANG! –


Its grey clouded hand cling cling,


On to the last falling blocks,


Whilst stretching wildly,


Trying to escape…



A sea of electric eels

Glides throw the starless sky

A rainbow jelly fish,

Its tentacles stretching wildly,

Stealthily stalks its prey.

Colours blend as if they are

In a washing machine.


Megan f’s poem

Faded , spiky waves of mist,

stuck out from the sky,

and reached,

to the end ,

of the starless night.


Puffs of sticky smoke,

pushed against the air,

as the tension builds up,

and the smoke dissolves away.

blue beutiful octopuses

Blue beautiful octopuses

Go plopplopplop with contentment.

While they spread out and

Grow arms and fingers

Against the multicoloured ocean

Full of emerald greens

Rose pinks and

Sapphire blue

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