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SAW poem

The dark shadows swooping in the water

Then charged like a walloping wallaby

It lit up like a powerful light bulb

It danced in the water, in quick flashes

Then slowly comes to a halt to discover what it is…

A long necked Plesiosaurs peeps up and goes to sleep.


By Cameron 5HPicture1

The lake of hope (Poem)

The snow whiseispers delicatly in your ears.

While the magic lake reflecs the blowing trees like a huge fan blowing them intill its over.

The blue clear sky shines on the earth like a humungas lamp shining before the dark night comes and the day gone.

The wooden snowy bridge protecs the river like a shiled stoping the dirty rain dropping from a  stuffy dark cloud.

The bright light sky is like a delisios snow cone touching the tip top of your lips.

The blue sky is like a masive cup of water spilling on the earth but in slow motion.

A white and bright blue butterfly flys through the snowy foriest like a snow ball going a 100 miels pur hour.

By Louis H.


I hope you like my poem and if you can, comment ill be interested what you will say.

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