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Robin Hood by Lucas

Robin Hood



As the golden sun was setting on the edge of Sherwood Forest, a man dressed in forest green was walking along a muddy pathway with a beautiful and elegant lady, dressed in white. Maid Marian and Robin Hood finally reached their destination – which was an old wooden boat by the edge of the lake – but they stopped next to the boat.

“I have two favours to ask,” exclaimed Robin.

“First?” Replied Marian.

“Take Duncan with you,” Said Robin very formally.

“Second?” Asked Marian.

“Tell King Richard sheriff’s plan” Demanded Robin.


The grumpy old man (Duncan) accompanied Marian onto the ram shackled boat. Robin sent the boat to go to the King’s Castle so she could deliver the Sheriffs plan to the King.


Maid Marian and Duncan were just about to step of the boat, at that moment the two people left on the boat grabbed both of them one of the people chucked Duncan into the freezing fish filled lake and the other person captured Maid Marian. They sailed round the Castle and docked at the dungeon and tied Maid Marian up.

Duncan, who was just chucked into the lake, swam back to Robin and told him what happened to Robin. So Robin grabbed his arrows and swam to the dungeons. Mean while, Marian was trying desperately to rip the rope however she was interrupted by the two guards being shot by Robin.”STOP!” Shouted Marian, “the Sheriff is just behind that door  waiting for you!”                                                                                                                         But it was to late the Sheriff had already captured Robin and tied him up after that, Sheriff left the room. Therefore Robin had something up his sleeve. He slid out a pocket knife and cut the ropes tied around him and Marian.

As soon as Robin released Marian and himself from the ropes , they burst into King Richards room and told him about Sheriffs cunning plan.


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