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The Thief of Myst Exile

The thief, having travled from goodness knows where, stood before us. His weedey black hair wasdraped across his face as if it was so carefully placed there.His dribbleing nose was turned up as if it was glued to the bridge of his nose. The toe  and finger nails were poifnting upward, yellowish and eaten . His eyes were crossed. they darted between me and my friend, Atrus , as a rabbit would dart side to side before being shot dead by a Hunter. He looked liked john- val-john from the west end musical-les misrables. despite his ragged body , nimble as a cat , he grabed the book (releeshahn), held his twisted hand aloft and travlled away from u with the Releeshahn.

A character description on the theif in myst

The vile thief ( who was someone mysterious )was very scary. His face crinkled like old stone roads. His eyes were dark brown and when you looked into them evil trapped you from the inside.


He walks side to side very suspiciously. Holes in his shoe , meant you  could see his horrible toes when he walks. BANG! BANG! That’s the sound of him walking.


The thieves clothes were as ripped as a castle shot to pieces. Would he sell the book to get some expensive clothes? His trouser were pirate shorts already used in battle.

Myst character description of the thief

The theif’s prolonged hair dangled around his shoulders as he holds the secretive Relle shahn. His clothes so ragged it’s as if he’s been stranded on a deserted island for one thousand years. I can’t help but think he is some sort of evil villian ; I cam see it in his deadly eyes. He acts as if he’s heading for revenge…. despeate revenge.

He ran unsteadily gasping for air as he got to his house, which is smaller on the inside and grander on the outside.  When I saw him runn I noticed his shoes , they looked as if they were hand made, maybe by him.

Out of the window, there I saw his face, his mouth slightly smirked as if he was about to play a dreadful stunt. I glimpsed at his nose it was very broad and so were his shoulders. He soon ran past me he was literally a cm away from touching my delicate skin. I herd his voice, he sounded Scottish , yet rough.  His body , which is very skinny, tried it’s best to get as far way as possible.

The theif:Character Description


The tortured encrusted, man is staggering wondrously around in circles. He is lucky but an unpleasant that he got away. Would you honestly steal a precious book? What if the thief kept on hiding and stealing valuable books!? His hair is so greasy that a car could get stuck in it. His face is muddy like a football. The greasy man looks like he has been locked up for a year or more, and then unexpectedly broke out. He must have found and hidden in a deserted island and found the building and token over it. The hiding man is so atrocious that he must be working with someone.

But who is he….?

mist 3

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